About a week ago my PARENTS came home from our cabin ..with the backseat of their CAR filled with PLUMS ..more exactly approximately 50 kilos. My aunt's boyfriend has a farm in HARDANGER where he grows plums ..and he generously sent a lot with them home after they stopped by. The plums tasted really GOOD, but since we of course had no chance finishing them all ...before they started getting bad, my MOM made JAM out of a lot of them ..and put others on JARS. So now we can eat plums all winter ..for years.


Totally exhausted, but also very happy, after spending all of yesterday photographing the beautiful wedding ...of the beautiful couple ANETTE and WESLEY ...here in beautiful OSLO. I think it's such an honor as well as a nice experience getting to spend the entire WEDDING DAY with a couple like that ..but it also makes my entire body hurt the day after. Their wedding was wonderful from beginning to end and I can not wait to show you some pictures, but today you have to settle with these photos that I took at the cabin while making a FLOWER CROWN. Realized when I put it on that I can't really wear one with that  kind of flowers because of my ALLERGIES; putting it on made my eyes and nose itch and run immediately ..well well, I guess that just means that if I ever want to make one again ..I'll just have to make it for someone else:)


When we arrived at the CABIN we had big FISHING ambitions ..BUT we actually ended up doing it only once. The fish in the water by our cabin is not very big, but it's a fun activity ..and it's nice to eat self caught fish. So these pictures were taken when my dad, Erlend and I went out to bring in the FISHES we had caught in our two fishing nets during the night. As imagined they were not very BIG, but not really small either ..considering what we are used to catching in this water .. AND we caught 8 of them so enough to make lunch.